Tuesday, August 14, 2012


There is an interesting and hilarious tradition that occurs mid-August every year on a little shelly beach in the panhandle of Florida.  It is the Rum and Root Beer Regatta but it actually stopped being a regatta many years ago. I believe originally it was a real windsurfing regatta but there is never any wind in mid-August and the sailors would end up spending the whole day just sitting on the beach trying to pass the time. At some point they came up with some beach games to play. Over time though it has grown and become involved with a different theme each year and now nobody sails they just come to dress in costume, play games, drink and eat.

This year’s theme was Camullet, a spin off of Monty Python’s Holy Grail. There was a costume contest. Do you recognize any characters?

There was jousting on windsurf boards with pool noodles, the Bring Out Your Dead game of seeing how many people could be dragged on a board before it tipped, hoola hoop races, a live version of Angry Birds and several others as well that I can’t name or describe.

It ends with a covered dish dinner on the beach and watching the sun go down.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Never Ending End Of Summer

The end of summer is always the worst for me. Sometimes it seems unending and unbearable. Summer is tolerable up until mid-July. Before then there is a stream of family birthdays, events, 4th of July celebrations, beach trips and cookouts. After mid-July though every day become stagnant, just like the air. Everyday is the same. I don’t even bother looking at the weather anymore. Upper 90ies and about 90% humidity. Afternoon thunderstorms almost everyday. The days it doesn’t rain the temperatures rise up to triple digits. Even the garden can’t handle it anymore and begins to wilt and rot.

My mood and health begins to wilt and rot as well. I hate the heat and my body rejects it even though I have lived here all my life. I don’t go outside. I stop being active. I won’t even go out with the kids for a quick game of freeze tag frisbee. I’ve tried going to the public pool but with the afternoon thunderstorms and my imagining how much pee is probably in it I don’t go very often. I try and make the gym now and then but it just isn’t like being outside. I gain weight, can’t sleep, all my aches and pains and pre-existing conditions flare up. I’m actually starting a new blog about living with TMJD if anyone is interested. www.tmjdandme.blogspot.com

Hurricane season starts to pick up but usually they are not too serious here. The main worry is flooding and being without power for several days in the unrelenting heat. Nothing like sleeping in a pool of your own sweat. Then there are the bugs. The mosquitos and gnats that attack you the very second you step out the door. They flood in the house if you’re not quick enough getting in or out.

I start feeling depressed and stir crazy. I day dream of traveling to a cooler, refreshing place. If I had the means I would have a summer home on top of a northern snow capped mountain. The beaches are even too hot this time of year. The water is like warm bath water and full of seaweed and algae. Even my cat who normally loves to go outside, looks at me like I’m crazy when I open the door. Many people in the north suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in the winter time but I get it in the summer. How I long for fall to arrive with its cooler weather and abundant holidays. Here though we have two more months before you can feel a difference.

I realize that in many other parts of the country back to school signals the start of fall. It is frustrating here though when come this time of year the only thing in the department stores are jeans and sweaters. Do they really think that us Floridians have no further need for bathing suits or shorts? Stores like Home Depot and Lowes put away their air conditioners and fans about now. You better pray yours doesn’t go out this time of year because you will be out of luck buying a new one.

So for now I will continue to sit in my air conditioned house, car or office and dream of cooler days to come.