Sunday, January 13, 2013

Saint Marks, FL

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny 78 degree day in mid-January. I prefer it to be winter in the winter but seeing as how it wasn't we decided to head to the coast. We took a short trip from Tally down to Saint Marks, FL, only about a 30 min drive. We went to the town of St. Marks which doesn't amount to much other than a large marina, a few houses, a couple of restaurants and the San Marcos de Apalache Historic State Park.  We toured the old fort there and learned a little about a piece of Florida history

Our tummies were growling by then so we grabbed some oysters at the Riverside Cafe. Most all the seating is on the dock and you can watch the boats come and go along the river. A great atmosphere as long as the weather is nice.

The dock at the Riverside Cafe

We then headed a few miles down the road to the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge This is a great place for biking, hiking and bird watching. There was a big winter bird watchers tour yesterday and the place was packed with birders from all over the country. 

Birders in costume

We went for a short hike and though we are not birders we enjoy seeing all the birds and the occasional alligator.

 The historical St. Marks Lighthouse, built in 1830 is at the tip of the park. It is still a working lighthouse but was automated in 1960. It is a beautiful land mark and makes for some nice photos.